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Welcome and thank you for allowing Sophia to take this opportunity to serve all your spiritual needs. Sophia is a Master Psychic with over 17 years of experience in the realm of spirituality. Her approach will always vary to each client and their reading.  Within just one session with Sophia you will feel connected to your situation, enlightened and relieved. All though it may not always be the Interpretation you want to apprehend, she will express how to move forward with in a positive direction. To get the most of your session please be sure to have at least 45 minutes of free time. Do not be concerned of what she may think of you or anyone else for that matter. The most important thing is you are honest about what you want to know starting with yourself. She can help you see your true talents, but also point out the blocks and old patterns that you carry around with you and hold you back from reaching your full potential. She will help you understand insights and situations that are going on around you. Sophia will also assist you along the way and teach you how to let go of emotions that no longer serve you. She can teach you how to live a meaningful life and take a deeper dive into your past, present, and future to uncover energy blocks and disrupt old patterns in order to create the life you’ve always wanted! This session is best for those seeking immediate and broad results from a one-on-one consultation. Sessions available in person, online and over the phone. Conveniently located in the Northwest Suburbs. 


•  Intuitive Psychic & Medium Readings  •  Past Life Regression     Emotional Healing Chakra Balancing & Crystal Light Therapy •  Soulmate Readings  •  Tarot & Oracle Card Readings  •  Spiritual Counseling & Guidance  •  Spirit Guide Connections  •  Meditation  •  Intuitive & Psychic Development.