Psychic and Medium Sophia


Sophia is known for her genuine, down to earth approach to life that empowers others through her work. As a spiritual teacher, psychic, healer, she has helped thousands with her psychic ability to predict future outcomes and reveal details about a person’s life that brings greater awareness and understanding. Sophia didn’t start using her psychic ability until the age of 9 when an Elder Spiritualist in Sedona, AZ introduced her to the psychic world. She tunes into your vibration and shares back with you what she receives from your spirit guides. You can ask specific questions; have a general category such a career, relationships, money, health, family, travel or topic of your choice. She can also tell you what is “on top” meaning what is strongest in your energy field. She is able to communicate with those who passed on. You can ask about past lives or possibilities for the future She can use Tarot cards if you request them but her specialty is clairvoyance reading. All you have to do is be your self and remember to breath. Sophia is also a Reiki Master and Energy Healer. She is a well –known Spiritualist through out the Midwest for the Healing Abilities and Accuracy. Sophia has over 17 years of experience in person, online and over the phone.